The Office

Given Slemani’s literary history and vibrant present, the city sees our UCCN designation as an opportunity to celebrate the city’s character, encourage collaborative efforts between our main literary stakeholders, and participate in the global literary and wider cultural conversation. We particularly emphasize the engagement of emerging cultural leaders and practitioners. We are dedicated to literature as a driving force behind the city’s long term sustainability.

Contact Us

Slemani City of Literature

Kirkuk Main Road – Shakraka

Sulaymaniyah Governorate

Slemani, As Sulaymaniyah

Kurdistan Region of Iraq 46001


Telephone: +964 770 374 44 44

Meet the Staff

  • Shamal Abubakr Hussein                  Program Coordinator
  • Sarwar Efendi                                  City Liaison and International Program Manager 
  • Shaima Waseem Local Communications Coordinator

Our Partners

  1. Slemani Governorate Private office
  2. Directorate of Culture
  3. Kashkul, The Center for Culture and Arts.

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) was created in 2004 to promote cooperation with and among cities that have identified creativity as a strategic factor for sustainable urban development. The 246 cities which currently make up this network work together towards a common objective: placing creativity and cultural industries at the heart of their development plans at the local level and cooperating actively at the international level.”

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