This article is dedicated to a few special people who made my initial trip to Kurdistan, Iraq, a memorable time, especially to Sirwan, the most honorable Kurdish businessman I have ever known who introduced me to Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

From the day of his invitation to Kurdistan, I began to search about Sulaymaniyah online and was fascinated to travel to this place. When the trip finally came, we went on exploring the wonderful nature, sights and historical places and even staying with locals.

I had tried to leave no place untouched when traveling to Sulaymaniyah, though there were still many places to explore, which I got to explore many years later. I instantly fell in love with Sulaymaniyah and promised myself I would at some point in my life return, which I do not regret for a second, as it shaped me into the person I am today. I have learned and witnessed many valuable lessons that sometimes cannot be felt or learned in our comfort zone.

I started volunteering and then began my real teaching experience. I have been fortunate enough to continue and enhance my private university skills through private tutoring and at other private institutes.

After developing my teaching skills and knowledge, I became a director at the Centre of Intensive English program and worked with an amazing team of local talents.

I can’t imagine another place I would prefer to be in, and have listed 10 reasons why you should experience your teaching career in this beautiful and fast-developing cultural city of Sulaymaniyah.

Disclaimer: Nowhere in the world is perfect, and though KRG, Iraq has its issues just like any other country or region, for the purposes of this article I am focusing on the positive points of Sulaymaniyah.

1. Unmatched Natural Scenery

2. Unique Food and Culture

3. Friendly Locals

4. Room for Personal Growth

5. The beauty of the Four Seasons

6. Affordable Cost of Living

7. Education – Private and Public

8. Job Satisfaction

9. Loveable students and innovative teachers

10. KRG is developing for the better.