An Introduction:Throughout the twenty-four years since it was first founded, despite the political, economic,social crisis and all the other obstacles our culture has come up against: the Galawezh Festival has continued to be held annually. On the festival’s platform, tens of writers and undiscovered talented youth has proved themselves and become popular and brilliant in the Kurdish literary world. Fortunately, the festival has not been a platform for Kurdish writers only, nonetheless, it has been a literary voice for many writers the world over, such as, Iranians, Arabs, Turkish, Germans, Armenians, French, and many others. The festival has not restricted its discipline to the literary, arts or the oretical works of some specific writers, nevertheless, it is an open arena foranyone who has the courage to show their creativity and innovation. The festival has always believed in freedom, it has become ultra-wings for all those who sought to fly high above their culture, ideology, religion, gender, and even nationality.Ibtisam Ismail QadirGalawezh Cultural Center