The second prize of morality for the writers of Tarawga will be held.Buchion’s literature award began in 2020 to honor and honor the best novel written by Tarawg authors. Buchion-South Korea established this award as one of its biggest inventors to become a member of Unsco’s innovative city network.* the condition of participating:In this competition novels will be taken about darkness and written by those writers who are still aliveIf the writing is in English it should be published between 2001-2020If the writing is in Korean language it should be published between 2011-2020If the writing is in other languages (for example) then it will be published in English or Korea between the 2001-2020 sThe writing must be available in the print (physical)* the prize of the winner60 million Korean Woni which will become more than 50 thousand US dollars will be given to 1 Romans (50 million wons for the author and 10 million for the translation)* deadline to submit will be Friday the 30/07/2021th* the form of submission…/1PulRehqyDO8H16CXIRVC…/edit…* Full form will be sent to