Today marks the 23rd annual Galawej International festival. The center was founded in 1996, in Slemani.- The organization promotes literary, cultural and enlightenment perspectives.- The center is named (Galawej) in honor of the late renowned Kurdish intellectual Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed who issued Galawej Magazine during 1939-1949 in Baghdad.- The center holds a cultural festival annually and invites writers from inside and outside the country. Hitherto, the center has uninterruptedly held more than twenty festivals.- The center has a special award called (Kurdistan Award), which is awarded to international intellects and writers. Adunis, Sherko Fatah, Falker Brown are among the respected beneficiaries of this award.- Poets, writers, speakers, panelists, and other officials will attend the Festival in-person while people can enjoy watching and attending the festival from their social media on Facebook and Youtube due to the limitations of COVID-19.